With the Shenandoah Valley Railroad now operational and the American Civil War lingering in recent memory, narrator Billy Washita sets his heart on finding the secret to his past. Along with his friend, Rascal, the two fatherless wanderers follow where the railroad leads — along the way encountering fivemore orphans, each with their own stories of abandonment. Together, their uncertain hope for adoption means facing fears, suffering unrequited love and discovering a future no one could have imagined.
Social entrepreneur specializing in global orphan ministry, Blake Fite, turns his energy to historical fiction as he teams up with burgeoning young authors in the first book of the Carriage Kids Seriesfor a one-of-a-kind journey from bondage to freedom — fatherlessness to family.
Discussion questions draw readers into the action at the end of each chapter. Gift this to every young person along your path. In your hands is a message worth sharing.
Hearts of the Father Ministries was launched by John and Libby following a tragic car accident that ended the lives of Joshua, Kristen and Daniel. The memories of these precious children live on as characters in this journey. Perhaps in the pitter-patter sounds of the rain nourishing the earth, we hear these little ones applauding the Saints from Heaven.