Trusts: Explained and Illustrated


Giving may be something that some of us don’t do enough of, but at some point, everything that we worked hard to acquire will be owned by someone else. Estate planning is the process that helps make sure that the things we own go to people we want.  “How to Give Through Estate Planning” shows you some of the legal processes that are used to transfer assets to friends, families, and the organizations we love.  Most importantly this book gives examples of how others took time to think about those they loved, how they wanted to be remembered and did something about it. It will certainly inspire you to get creative and make your own plan.  Read this book before you try to figure out about how you are going to give or before you talk with a professional for assistance.  If you haven’t really had the opportunity to show some of your friends, family and others how much they mean to you, this book may give you some ideas.

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