Home Add-Ons


The following are different home add-ons that can be installed into any of our Global Family homes.

Upgrade List

  • Foam Insulation

    Comes standard with fiberglass insulation.

  • Backyard Storage Shed

    A quality storage area that gives you that extra space needed while accenting the beauty of your backyard.

  • Security System

    Pre-installed security system including doors, windows, motion sensors, etc. 

  • Appliance Upgrades

    Pre-installed appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dryer, etc. 

  • Sprinkler Systems

    Installed throughout the property to help lawn up-keep more convenient.

  • Real Hardwood Floors

    Real wood floors add a “homey” feel that regular engineered floor can not provide. Add the fact that real wood floors look better than engineered material. 

  • Custom Outdoor Kitchens

    Perfect for cooking burgers in the sun, making a warm meal on a cool fall night, or having the ability to make lunch while enjoying a nice spring day. 

  • Custom Wall Colors

    Pre-colored walls specific to any room and color.

  • Garage Work Bench

    Work space for the DIY expert, handy man, or perfect spot to organize tools.

  • Garage Storm Shelter

    Living in tornado alley makes it a necessity to have a storm shelter. Keeping one in the garage creates an ease of access for anyone within the house.

  • Loft Bunk Bed System

    This bunk bed style allows a creative design to any room. The be creates more space without losing the appealing look.

  • Loft Office Extension

    Having an office within a house always takes up a lot of space. Add this in to kill two birds with one stone having both your bed and office in one area.

  • Murphy Beds

    Maximize space with a Murphy bed. Modern Murphy beds look good, are perfect for the friend who needs to stay over for a night or two.

  • Pergola/Arbor

    A pergola/arbor is a perfect attachment to any home owner who wants that next level appearance to their yard creating a beautiful and shaded area.

  • Extended Back Deck Options

    Customizable to any house, size, and look. Adding an extended deck makes a backyard look that much nicer.

  • Travertine Patio/Walkway

    Add a touch of elegance to a backyard with this travertine tile patio.

  • Custom Closet Shelving

    Maximizing space and beautiful designs are all apart of the custom close shoveling made specifically to your taste.

  • Kitchen Upgrades

    Come up with your dream kitchen and we will make it a reality.

  • Extra Storage Options

    Closets, shelves, and many more options to create more space in your home.

  • Custom Tile

    Make your home unique with a custom tile design specifically to your taste. Create a design that no other home has.

  • Solar Roof Panels

    Make your home more eco-friendly while also saving on energy each month with customizable solar panels.

  • Lighting

    Customizable lighting around your house to any degree perfected to your liking.

  • Modern Wood Furnace Options

    Make a classic home element more modern with a wood furnace. Heat your house the classic way with a twist in technology.

  • And Many More!